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"Time and Place: The Archeology of the Eddy Site"

by: Victoria Bunker, PhD

The New Hampshire Archeologist
Volume 46-47, Number 1, 2006-2007
David R. Starbuck, Editor

From the Preface:

Amoskeag Falls, Manchester, New Hampshire, is home to a dozen ancient archeological sites that have been found on the terraces ab ove the Merrimack River as well as on the islands in the channel. The best known sites include the Neville and Smyth sites on the east bank, the Fishing Island site below the falls, and the Table Lands site on the west bank. Among these is the Eddy site, known for generations and described here....
The story of the Eddy site is the story of the people who lived there thousands of years ago and left behind artifacts, features and other objects that constitute the archeological record. While the Eddy site belongs to these people and the story of the site is their story, I have used my training as an archeologist to interpret site data and describe aspects of past life at the Eddy site. What I have presented in this volume of The New Hampshire Archeologist is based on the data available to me in order to give you some information about the Eddy site, based on material culture, artifact patterns and current knowledge. Many other stories were lived and told out loud during the past occupation of the site. These stories were not written down, word by word, line by line, page by page. The writing of this text is my way to share observations derived from archeological data to give a glimpse of the time and the place.
Time and place are all encompassing themes of this Bulletin and individual chapters reflect various aspects of the site’s chronicle.

Victoria Bunker, PhD


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The photo plates from the Eddy Site report are available for downloading:
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